Carn wheelers classic
23/03/2012 22:31:16
What time is sign on from and to on Sunday?
Sign on for A1-A4 races opens at 12noon and closes at 1:45 in order for races to start at 2pm.  Over 50's & Ladies are cancelled due to circumstances beyond our control.

20/03/2012 18:45:22
Great Anthony, thanks.  See you there in a couple of weeks.

anthony bradley
18/03/2012 21:11:14
8 oclock next sunday at leisure centre

anthony bradley
16/03/2012 22:31:48
saturdays an sundays at 9 o clock leaving maghera leisure centre 50 mile average jonny u r more than welcome look 4ward to seeing u there

14/03/2012 14:40:59
Hi, I plan to move to Maghera in the coming weeks and hope to get out for as many rides as possible.  Can you tell when and where your club rides leave from?  Also the average distance and pace?  Thanks.  Hope to see you soon!

10/03/2012 01:15:22
We would appreciate your support for the above A4 open race. Entry to the race has now gon live via
Last years A4 race was won very impressively by a Carn Wheelers rider Stephen Walsh.

Will the Carn men be back to defend their crendentals on the slopes of Orra

09/03/2012 16:04:23
Big thank u to everyone who took part in training week. Lots of miles covered with different route each day. Very well done to all.

09/03/2012 15:30:16
legwarmers in yet?

05/03/2012 16:58:05
legwarmers in clubgear yet with carnwheelers logo?

Eamon C
17/02/2012 10:22:36
what are the numbers like for saturday mornings, what is the distance covered


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